Do You Have to be Sick to get a Drip?

Do You Have to be Sick to get a Drip?

One of the big misconceptions about getting an IV vitamin drip is that you have to be sick to get a vitamin drip. You may have even seen our posts about the benefits of receiving IV vitamins and thought if you feel okay, this information doesn’t apply to you.

There is a good reason for that. In western culture, traditionally people only go to the doctor when they are feeling sick. The problem is, by the time you decide to something about how you feel — you already have a problem.  That’s why many people joke that in the United States, we have “sick care” not “healthcare.”
Fortunately today, many people like you and I, are starting to realize that creating optimal health isn’t something you should do when you are sick. It is a lifestyle that is centered around staying healthy. This may seem new to us living in the United States but in fact, preventative medicine is the core principle of Eastern medicine. Hundreds of millions of people have been practicing preventative medical treatments like vitamin IVs for thousands of years.
The bottom line is we all lead busy lives. While technology has done amazing things for society, there are more pressures on us than ever. Our busy lifestyles lead all of us to consume a less than ideal diet.  Even those of us who try to eat healthily, don’t often know what is in our food when we are eating out. On top of, there is all the toxicity we are exposed to every day simply as a result of living in an industrialized society. ​
The result is all of us seem to be experiencing more stress than our bodies can handle. The result is we are overweight, have no energy and just don’t feel ourselves. Inside our bodies, all of this compounding and the results is disease.  The statistics tell it all. Today, it is estimated that 38.4 percent of people will get cancer sometimes in their lifetime. Even if we think we feel okay if we do not take measures to stay healthy, eventually it will catch up with us.
To some degree, all of us are nutritionally deplete. IV Vitamin therapy is the most effective way to quickly replenishing the body’s’ vitamin stores. ​
IV Vitamin therapy can boost the immune system, help you gain energy and reverse the effects of aging at a cellular level.
Don’t wait until you get sick to start thinking of taking care of your body. Staying healthy is so much more pleasant!


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