Red Light Therapy Actually Works

Red Light Therapy Actually Works

You may have heard of red light therapy! It seems to be the trend in spas and salons. It’s popping into Saunas and facial treatments left and right. Many people know that red light therapy boosts collagen production and has amazing benefits for the skin. But, it can do so much more than that!

We all know that plants use light to make energy. But what most people don’t know is – so do we! Light is simply energy! Obviously, we are not plants! We need to eat. But at a cellular level, our bodies use light to function.

Most of us take multivitamins. A multivitamin is comprised of all of the vitamins our bodies need to keep us healthy. Consider sunlight to be like a multivitamin. Sunlight is white light. But it is actually comprised of all of the colors in the visible light spectrum: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When we go outside into the sun, we absorb all the rays of light and our body benefits. For example, it is common knowledge our body’s vitamin D levels increase when we go out in the sun.

Just like each individual vitamin has its own functions, so does light! Similarly, just like sometimes, you may take a little extra vitamin C, D or E, sometimes our bodies need a little extra of one kind of light and going into the sun is just not enough. We need a more concentrated dose of one of the specific lights.

Red light is one of the most powerful lights in the visible spectrum. That’s because it enhances the cellular functions of ALL of our bodies’ cells.

To understand why I am going to take you on a trip back to eighth-grade biology.

Our cells are comprised of lots of important organelles. One of them is mitochondria. The job of mitochondria is to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is basically the energy that all of our cells to perform their specific jobs. Red light therapy helps our mitochondria to produce more ATP which basically helps all of our cells do a better job,

Here are just some of the benefits of red light therapy:

Improved Skin
Improved Muscle Recovery
Increase in Collagen Production
Decrease in Inflammation
Increase in Circulation
Enhanced fertility

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