About us

About Us

LIVenUp specializes in services designed to enhance your health. Our facilities offer revolutionary IV vitamin drips targeted for specific solutions as well as cutting edge therapy. Our centers practice wellness & prevention.

All of our services are performed by certified medical staff. We offer a wide variety of concierge services as well as booster shots. You will receive the utmost attention and care in a serene and comfortable environment.

We’ll Keep You Healthy With

IV Vitamin Drips

IV Vitamin therapy is a method of infusing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chelating agents, and antioxidants directly into the vein. It is a quick, efficient, safe, and powerful way of administering vital nutrients into the body.

Vitamin Boosters

Even if we live a healthy lifestyle, at times all of our vitamin stores run short. Our vitamin boosters allow you to quickly and easily get the vitamins you need.

BEMER Therapy

BEMER works by increasing our blood flow in our microvessels. In doing so, it increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells while accelerating the disposal of waste products.   This process has profound effects on all of the cells of our body.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silverMahatma Gandhi

We are currently hiring both clinical and non-clinical support staff for sites in Pennsylvania & New Jersey. All qualified candidates agree to complete a comprehensive background check. LIVen Up and its affiliate sites are equal opportunity employers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is IV Vitamin Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drips deliver vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the body for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level.  Additionally, many patients do not absorb vitamins effectively orally due to malabsorption, leaky gut, irritable bowel, and many other issues. They work so effectively allowing the nutrients to bypass the liver and go directly into the bloodstream.

Q: Is IV therapy safe?

IV therapy is extremely safe and well established. Before an individual receives any treatment whatsoever, vital signs are tested, blood pressure is monitored, and health history is carefully evaluated. If the individual is sensitive, alternative nutrients can be administered, as well as at lower doses and ranges. Every IV therapy session is performed under strict medical supervision. After the treatment ends, patients can resume their activities and daily responsibilities immediately.

Q: Who administers and supervises my IV therapy? 

One of our experienced nurses along with physicians’s extensive expertise will design, select and administer intravenous IV therapy.

Q: How long does a single session last?

Depending upon the selection, sessions of IV therapy can be 30 minutes to an hour and a half.  Clients are encouraged to recline, unwind and feel at home.  We know everyone has a busy, active schedule which is why many of our patients continue reading, using mobile technology and pursuing other work-related endeavors while receiving a drip.

Q: I’m healthy, do I still need IV therapy? 

Our centers practice prevention. Since most of us have been exposed to various toxins, IV therapy is an essential step in the cleansing, removal, breakdown, digestion of harmful substances and slows down the aging process.  ​